Working With A Medical Intuitive

Medical Intuitives work with the physical body and its illnesses. It’s very common for a Medical Intuitive to accurately pinpoint the cause and location of physical problems and which healing options are most likely to take care of the problem. Some can name the illness and some are able to identify physical health problems that are developing and the things that can be done to stop or reverse further development.

When a health condition has eluded diagnosis, a Medical Intuitive can often help pinpoint a treatment that will work, or help clarify which of the possible diagnosis are most likely to be accurate.

When a medical condition has known, successful treatments and the treatment has been unsuccessful for you the cause may be misdiagnosis, sensitivities to the treatment, physical needs that are specific to your body, or emotional or spiritual roots of the illness. A Medical Intuitive can help sort through the mix of possibilities and clarify where the problem actually is and ways it can be addressed.

Medical Intuitives can also be very helpful in the following ways:

► Clarifying the impact specific medications are having on your body.

► Decreasing the number of medical tests needed by clarifying what actually needs to be looked at.

► Helping sort through which medical treatments will be effective for you.

► Helping sort through which medical practitioners will be effective for you.

► Providing information about additional support your body needs to fully heal.

To get the most benefit out of your session, be prepared to briefly tell your practitioner what you know about your health problems and be ready to answer questions as the session progresses.

About Laughing Womyn Ashonosheni

Laughing Womyn Ashonosheni is a respected Shaman, Wisdom Teacher, and Healer. Her spiritual gifts and expansive insights are a native part of her being. Her professional expertise comes from nearly thirty years of helping people create fulfilling and happy lives. Her insight into the vast layers of wisdom has evolved as a result of providing thousands of sessions for people from all walks of life. Laughing Womyn is deeply rooted in the traditions of her ancestors and enthusiastically engaged in the traditions being reclaimed and those being created by our rapidly expanding human consciousness. She carries a vision of celebration between all beings and all ways of being. She remembers each one of us is capable of profound delight in this magnificent journey through life on the physical plane.
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